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This body of work is the amalgamation of various  techniques. I use a thrown ceramic piece to act as a "landscape" and then build a narrative by incorporating slip cast figures onto them. Combing the ceramic pieces with other mixed media, such, pushes the work into surreal realms that drive the viewer to question the fuller meaning behind each piece.

The slip cast characters I used take on their own persona and reference various archetypal roles that we all fulfill at times in our lives.  Inclusion of mixed media such as string, rubber, sand and glass provide a dynamic bridge into surrealism and fantasy.  My aim is to draw the viewer in, "stealthily," and upon first glance the work may seem quite naïve and harmless and yet, there are darker, sinister layers that need to be unfolded and confronted. 

My  focus is on the “outcasts” of society, those who find themselves on the fringe.  I want to consider some of the challenges we face in contemporary, technological world which include; an exaggerated sense of isolation and loneliness, separation and exclusion,  aging and death, while hoping to inject a sense of humour and a touch of the absurd in order to approach these very  harsh realities with an ironic smile.

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